Seasonal Wedding Options


April - May 

 Autumn provides lovely seasonal options for your wedding.

Crisp sunny days make for the most beautiful light – nobody is hot and sticky. The groom can keep his jacket on, the bride can accessorise with fur, gloves and brooches.  The likelihood of getting a sunny day is just as high in winter as in summer – but its cooler. The fire can be lit.

The evening can incorporate touches such as a peppery Syrah … port … hot toddies … special coffees… comfort desserts. It’s a more relaxed time of year. There is time to enjoy one another’s company again, joining together for a very special occasion.

At Parry Beach we believe that these months are a little bit of a best kept secret.

If you’re into vintage or enjoy layers and textures and little bit of luxe, consider this time of year.  We love candles and candleabras and enjoy the opportunity to light them for you.

We offer some superb wedding rates for winter. The main risk in these months is getting a wet day – but in Denmark  very rarely does it rain all day.   If ambience and romance is your thing, you can build a lot more layers of luxury in winter and autumn.

If these months do interest you, view our winter wedding deals in our Wedding Package and give us a call!


December – March

These are the Rolls-Royce months. Its hot, its probably sunny, its summer in Denmark and its what dreams are made of. The air has that summertime feeling, the ingredients on the plate are light, fresh and crunchy.

These months are very popular, its difficult to secure the ultimate date you want, and for good reason. The sunsets are spectacular, Fish is popular, Pinot Gris and Rose match perfectly with the season, Sauvignon Blanc and Bubbly are popular choices to kick start a fantastic evening.

A summer wedding at Parry Beach is a fairytale fantasy that can’t be replicated anywhere in Australia.

Special Days to consider for your wedding:

Days before public holidays can work well, such as the Thursday before Good Friday, the Friday before Labour weekend etc.  Similarly, in the high season, many people are on holiday so any day of the week is like a weekend.

Mondays-Sundays are all popular dates at this time of year.



August – November

 Spring heralds new life – growth – the buds are bursting and fresh lime green leaves appear in the vineyards. The flowers available in Spring compare with no other season – vibrant, youthful, stunning. The air brings with it the promise of summer. Your guests are ready in spring for the first breakout from winter restraint. The food is abundant with the new season’s best.

 It is an anticipatory time of year – a spring wedding at Parry’s is a wonderful environment to display new life, and new lives beginning together. The days are getting longer and for those who want more light and spring flowers, this is the time for you

Parry Beach  is a lovely environment throughout its many seasonal changes – we enjoy working with the seasons to provide you with the best on offer.


Winter Wedding Packages

Dusk… Candlelight…. Dessert… Twinkling chandeliers…


There are a number of elements to ar Winter wedding that are not reproducible any other time of year. It gets dark enough to light the candles, the fireplace can be lit….   The chandeliers twinkle superbly above the crowd, casting a soft glow over the guests at this very special time in one’s life. The light is magical.

The bride and groom can accessorise to match the season – gloves, fur, red wine, sparkling brooches.   A crackling fireplace, hot toddies before the ceremony.  All of these elements add layers and a richness to your special day, and can make your occasion even more memorable for your guests and for yourselves.

You will find in winter, people are not so busy so more guests can attend, gather, chat, celebrate without haste, without excessive heat.  People are not so exhausted by the summer season and are ready to celebrate and have fun again.    All associated services are easier to book and deals are easier to come by.

This can all culminate in a less stressful, more luxurious celebration

At Parry Beach we offer special rates for winter weddings from May to September, please contact us and we will send you all the incredible details.

For our Wedding Packages please email Angie