Parry Beach Breaks


The coastline between Denmark and Walpole offers a fantastic opportunity for uncrowded quality surf.  There is a mixture of beach breaks and reef/point breaks and opportunities for surfers of all levels. One of the best things about surfing the area is the old 1970’s feel of being able to drive your car along  beaches like Parry’s , find a peak that is “going off” and get into it! 

Some of the best waves and conditions on the South Coast are when it is horrible everywhere else . The Northerlies and Northwesters that plague the west and south west coast over parts of autumn, winter and spring are straight offshore at Parry’s and it coincides with the banks being at their best. 

The water temperatures aren’t as cold as you might think . Outside summer you certainly need to have a good wetsuit but the Leeuwin current that runs north to south down the WA does bend around the corner for a way making the area between Parrys and Cape Leeuwin a couple of degrees warmer than the temperatures that the hard core off season surfers brave in Victoria and South Australia.

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